Sol-R-Shade® Overview

DFB’s Sol-R-Shade® Systems can be manually operated or easily motorized. Select shade fabrics from our G-Series line for a complete energy savings solution.

Sol-R-Shade® Manual System

Our smooth pull, chain driven, Sol-R-Shade® system provides efficient management of heat and glare when paired with our G-Series fabric line. We offer a wide range of attachment options, while incorporating a 16 lb. lift clutch system. Click the below links for more information on our Sol-R-Shade® Manual System.

Detail Drawings
Hardware Components
Manual Shade System Cut Sheet
Manual Shade Warranty
Sol-R-Shade Cleaning Instructions
G-Series Fabrics Digital Library

Sol-R-Shade Fusion Motorized System

DFB offers three distinct Fusion Motorized Systems that can integrate in any space based on the clients needs. Click each option below for additional information.

  • Fusion Line Voltage Motor: We offer two options when using our Fusion Line Voltage Motors
    ST70: Standard Line Voltage with switching or basic integration via contact closure.
    ST90: Smart motors with RS485 or RS232 lighting or AV integration.

  • Fusion Low Voltage Motor: Quietest motor in the market,rated 38 dba, offering a wide range of control options, simplified wiring, & perfect shade alignment.

  • Low Voltage QS by DFB: An ultra quiet, low voltage motorized system using Lutron technology.

  • PoE Shading: Next generation, shade technology using Power over Ethernet. PoE distributes network signals and electrical power to transmit communication over standard low-voltage category cabling to various endpoints.

G-Series Shade Fabric

G-Series fabrics are energy efficient, controlling both heat and glare, while also providing desired view through visibility. These fabrics are low odor, toxic free, and certified to the Oeko-Tex®, as well as ASTM® standards. For LEED certified projects, use one of our many PVC Free fabrics for zero VOC content. Explore the shade fabrics available in our G-Series line.

Sol-R-Shade® Gallery